Frequently Asked Questions

Just Pools SA shares pool tips and pool maintenance secrets with the public. Below a few of the general questions asked by the public on swimming pool related issues:

How do I determine water capacity of my pool?

A: L x W x Ave Depth x 1000

How often should I change the pools filter sand?

A: Every 2 to 3 years

How do I know that I must change the filter sand?

  • A: Pool cleaner (like a Kreepy) will become sluggish
  • A: Pool cleaner might stop after a while
  • A: Dust can blow into the pool via the airflow when the pump is switched on

What causes back pressure in the weir?

A: Inside the sand filter is a thin plastic pipe that releases air to the return-line. If the pipe is blocked, it will cause back pressure to the weir every time the pump switches off

How long should I run my pool motor, pool pump?

A: In the summer 8 hours during day time and in winter 6 hours

Would you recommend a Salt Chlorinator?

A: Yes, swimming in salt water is similar to us human’s salinity of 0.9% and is very comfortable. Salt water is soft and doesn’t dry out the skin

How does salt get turned into chlorine?

A: Salt is Sodium Chloride and the splitting of salt into its two components through electrolysis, produces chlorine

Why does my poolcleaner run a figure eight or follows the same position?

A: It could be that your pool hoses are curved. Remove them from the pool, take them apart, and then let them lie in the sun for a few hours. Reconnect the hoses but change them around. You can also try and change the water direction at the airflow by turning the airflow ball into another direction. Never point the airflow to the centre of the pool as this would push the poolcleaner to the middle of the pool.

Why does water run out the backwash line when the filter's multi part valve (MPV) is set on filter?

A: The 5 spoke gasket/wagon wheel fits inside the MPV bottom. If this gasket is worn out or stretched, water will leak out the backwash line

Why does my pump prime full when the Kreepy is unplugged from the weir and the moment I plug the pool cleaner in the pressure of the pump drops and bubbles appear at the airflow?

A: This is typically a suction problem. The suction-line stretches from the weir to the pump. Any problem (like a crack) on this line will show the pre-mentioned symptoms

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