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Situated in Johannesburg, Just Pools SA is the 1 stop shop for all your pool requirements. Founded in 2002, we not only build pools, but are experts in areas of pool heating, leak detection, pump and filter installations, pump sand maintenance, pool maintenance, fireplace and bomas and safety net installations.

Joburg and Midrand’s frontline leader in building of Marbelite and Gunite Swimming Pools

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    Just Pools South Africa

    Using frontline technology in the application of composite materials, adhesives, swimming pool structures, swimming pool linings and swimming pool building material since 2002, Just Pools SA is one of the market leaders in the field of Marbelite and Gunite pool building.

    When building or installing a new Marbelite and Gunite swimming-, deck– or splash pool, one must bare in mind that it is a major investment into your property value and a pleasant addition to your lifestyle.

    When you are planning to build a pool, we at Just Pools SA suggest that you consider the following factors regarding the shape and size of your swimming pool:

    • An average recreational pool needs a biggish shallow area where shape is not important, thus any type of swimming pool design can be considered.
    • The latest trend is to consider an additional, secondary pool if you have- or are planning to have toddlers.
    • If a pool is built for exercise through swimming laps, we suggest having a long, straight section with the pool having parallel ends.
    • If you require a pool for exercise, but space is limited, we suggest a swimming spa with a strong current built into the front.
    • If you have limited space on your deck or townhouse the best option would be a plain, square design

    We at Just Pools SA is front runners in the building of Marbelite and Gunite pools and we will see to it that you do not only receive a top of the range swimming pool, but we will also provide a maintenance programme to keep your investment in top shape.

    Leaks & Leakage Detection

    One of the main and most frustrating challenges any pool owner will ever face, is the dreaded “leak”. The problem with a pool that has acquired a leak is that unless the leak is in an obvious place like the pump, filter or above ground piping, it can be quite problematic and will require a skillful expert to locate it.

    The process of detecting a leak entails the collection and analysis of huge amount of information. With years of experience since 2002, Just Pools SA prides themselves in the fact that they have an unmatched knowledge regarding pool operations and constructions.
    Following a systematic approach, Just Pools SA’s experts will assess the pool in order to pinpoint the source of the leakage using specialized swimming pool leak detection equipment.

    We detect leaks by thoroughly:
    • Inspecting the flow or spa jets
    • Inspecting the piping
    • Inspecting the filter
    • Screening your pool’s water feature and spouts – (if present)
    • Screening the swimming pool light fitting
    • Inspecting cracks on swimming pool mosaic tile lines
    • Checking normal corrosion caused by chemicals and sunlight
    • Inspecting the pool weir, aka skimmer box

    Pool Heating and Heat Pumps and Solar Heating for Pools

    When it comes to the heating of pools, whether it be with solar panels or heating pumps, we offer the latest technology at affordable prices. According to http://www.pretoria.climatemps.com/,  Joburg experiences an annual temperature of 16.2 degrees Celsius with precipitation average of 543 mm. These weather patterns have a chilling effect on our pools, and thus artificial heating is required to maintain a comfortable pool temperature. Just Pools SA offers energy efficient pool heating and pool pumps guaranteed to keep your pool’s temperature constant and comfortable all year round.

    There are two basic methods of pool heating, namely solar and electrical. Before choosing the heating system best suited to your needs, one should first consider the following:
    What heat in temperature is needed?
    Is temperature stability only needed in winter, or all year round?
    What is your geographical location, and what are the temperature fluctuations?
    What are you willing to spend financially on pool heating?
    What are your pool’s Specifications? Take into account its location (shade or sunshine), size, shape, colour, etc.

    Our highly skilled and professional staff will consult with- and advise you on the most efficient heating solution for you.

    Gauteng’s Pool Maintenance and Repairs Specialist

    Here are just a few “need-to-knows” regarding pool maintenance

    • If you hear a sucking sound from your pool pipes’ Kreepy – it means that the pool pipes need to be replaced. Air leaks are caused by corrosion and substantially decreases suction
    • Always run your pump according to the allotted time (especially in summer)
    • Back washing often decreases pool pump pressure
    • Frequently check calcium hardness
    • Low or high alkalinity can affect water balance

    Not frequently brushing off the swimming pool’s walls and tiles can lead to an algae infestation
    The list goes on…
    Maintaining your pool in the stormy, rainy season can cause a lot of headaches and utter frustration. If you find that the maintenance on your pool becomes too much of a hassle and disaster for you, do not hesitate and call the pool maintenance specialists today! Just Pools SA, your first choice in pool maintenance and pool repairs in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Centurion will supply you with a pool maintenance program that will fulfill your specific needs, while at the same time suiting your budget.

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