Pool Heating and Heat Pumps and Solar Heating for Pools

When it comes to the heating of pools, whether it be with solar panels or heating pumps, we offer the latest technology at affordable prices. According to http://www.pretoria.climatemps.com/, Pretoria experiences an annual temperature of 17.3 degrees Celsius with a precipitation average of 517 mm and Johannesburg 16.2 degrees Celsius with precipitation average of 543 mm. These weather patterns have a chilling effect on our pools, and thus artificial heating is required to maintain a comfortable pool temperature. Just Pools SA offer energy efficient pool heating and pool pumps guaranteed to keep your pool’s temperature constant and comfortable all year round.
There are two basic methods of pool heating, namely solar and electrical. Before choosing the heating system best suited to your needs, one should first consider the following:
What heat in temperature is needed?
Is temperature stability only needed in winter, or all year round?
What is your geographical location, and what are the temperature fluctuations?
What are you willing to spend financially on pool heating?
What are your pool’s Specifications? Take into account its location (shade or sunshine), size, shape, colour, etc.

Our highly skilled and professional staff will consult with- and advise you on the most efficient heating solution for you.

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