Leaks & Leakage Detection

One of the main and most frustrating challenges any pool owner will ever face, is the dreaded “leak”. The problem with a pool that has acquired a leak is that unless the leak is in an obvious place like the pump, filter or above ground piping, it can be quite problematic and will require a skillful expert to locate it.

The process of detecting a leak entails the collection and analysis of huge amount of information. With 11 years of experience, Just Pools SA prides themselves in the fact that they have an unmatched knowledge regarding pool operations and constructions.
Following a systematic approach, Just Pools SA’s experts will assess the pool in order to pinpoint the source of the leakage using specialized swimming pool leak detection equipment.

We detect leaks by thoroughly:

  • Inspecting the flow or spa jets
  • Inspecting the piping
  • Inspecting the filter
  • Screening your pool’s water feature and spouts – (if present)
  • Screening the swimming pool light fitting
  • Inspecting cracks on swimming pool mosaic tile lines
  • Checking normal corrosion caused by chemicals and sunlight
  • Inspecting the pool weir, aka skimmer box

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