1. Check you swimming pool's chemical balance twice in the week during summer and once per week in the winter.
  2. Clean out the swimming pool's skimmer basket at least once per weekly, (if you have trees in the garden, maybe more frequently as required)
  3. Wipe or clean the tile-line on a weekly basis to ensure that buildup does not take place
  4. Check and monitor water level at least once per month, adjust as needed. Water level should be at the center of the tile or skimmer.
  5. Murky water can be caused by dirty, over-used filter sand - replace filter sand every second or third year
  6. Algae grows on nitrates so keep vegetation (like grass from the weed-eater), animals, chemicals (like fertilizers or composts) away from the pool. 
  7. For top performance of your chemicals always keep them stored out of direct sunlight. Keep them in a cool dry place and DO NOT store acid and chlorine right next to each other